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This concludes our camera function tour, and I'm glad to see you've hung on for the ride! Your camera thanks you and looks forward to stretching its legs next time you take it out for a spin.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Metering modes give you options for the way your camera's light meter calculates exposure. When combined with auto exposure lock, the results can be incredible!
  • Auto exposure lock allows you to meter for one part of the scene, then freeze the exposure settings while you recompose the shot however you like.
  • Auto focus modes allow you to either focus once for each shot or continuously while tracking a moving subject.
  • Focus points tell the camera what part of the scene to focus on and are either selected automatically by the camera or chosen by you.
  • Drive modes give you the ability to either capture a single image at a time or shoot continuously while holding the shutter down.
  • Practice so you're confident and comfortable, and the next time you have a great idea for a photo you'd like to take, you'll be empowered to make it happen!
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