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This chapter is from the book 4. Apply Corrections

4. Apply Corrections

In many cases, you’ll probably be finished editing a photo following the last step. Sometimes, though, you’ll want to perform a little correction to remove dust spots, crumbs, or other distracting blemishes. The Spot Healing Brush smartly fixes areas like that without any fuss.

Of course, Elements includes an arsenal of correcting tools, enabling you to not only repair small areas but to also take the best parts of several photos and merge them together, or even remove people or objects from a scene entirely. Chapter 9 covers all of those options.

To repair areas using the Spot Healing Brush:

  1. Choose the Spot Healing Brush from the Tools panel, or press J.
  2. In the options bar, specify a brush size for the tool A that roughly matches the area you want to repair.
  3. Figure 1-17 A Adjust the Size slider of the Spot Healing Brush to define how large an area to correct.

  4. Click once on the area to apply the brush’s healing properties B.
  5. Figure 1-18 B The Spot Healing Brush really does fix blemishes with one click.

  6. If the area wasn’t repaired to your satisfaction, try clicking it one more time. Elements examines nearby pixels to determine how best to fill the area you’re fixing, and sometimes the first pass may not be exactly what you’re looking for.
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