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Scenes from a Road Trip: Multiple Cameras for Multiple Tasks

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Sarah Bay Williams, author of The Digital Shoebox: How to Organize, Find, and Share Your Photos, discusses the art of traveling with multiple cameras. Different cameras become useful for different tasks: beautiful shots, of course, but also a tool for recordkeeping, a diary, and a novelty item. (Funky phone apps are good conversation-starters with strangers!) She also covers securing your shots while traveling and how to organize the piles of files after your trip.
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In June 2011 I set off on a two-month roundtrip journey across the United States, heading east across the northern states and returning west across the South. My luggage consisted of a suitcase, a computer bag, and three cameras: a Canon EOS Rebel XTi DSLR with an 18–55 mm lens with image stabilizer; a well-loved (read: beaten-up) Leica D-LUX 3 point-and-shoot; and the camera on my ubiquitous iPhone 4. It wasn't long before I realized that I was using each camera for different tasks according its specifications and particular functions.

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