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Preflight Profiles

Only rarely will you do a preflight with the intent of just trolling around among the overview data. Typically, if you are preflighting a file, it’s because you are looking for specific potential problems within that file. This is where preflight profiles come in.

A preflight profile is a set of instructions that tell the Acrobat preflight mechanism to look for and report on certain characteristics of the PDF file. For example, the preflight profile named “List all hairlines” reports on the following:

  • Lines less than .125 points thick (reported as an error).
  • Lines less than .25 pts. thick that use grayscale or color values below 90% (reported as an error).
  • Lines less than .25 pts. thick that use at least two inks (reported as an error).
  • Lines between .125 and .25 pts. thick (reported as a warning).
  • Lines between .25 and 1 pts. thick (reported without comment).

When you run a preflight using this profile, the preflight report lists the hairline-related results as their own separate entries (Figure 6).

Figure 6 The Preflight Report will separately list the information that the preflight profile was especially seeking.

Adobe provides a large number of preflight profiles and you can make your own, as well, although that’s a topic for a later article.

Interestingly, the Acrobat preflight mechanism can not only examine your PDF file for problems, it can automatically fix some of those problems, as well. These profiles are called PDF Fixups by Adobe.

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