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Undoing Dictation

As you dictate text and make changes to existing text in a document, you may change your mind or want to immediately remove an error before continuing. There are a number of commands you can use to do this (Table 4.1).

Table 4.1. Dictation Reversal Commands

To do this:

Say this:

Delete the last word you dictated

Scratch Word or Delete Word

Delete the last phrase you dictated

Scratch That or Delete That

Undo your last dictation or edit

Undo Dictation

Undo the undo command

Redo Dictation

To delete the last word you dictated:

Say Scratch Word or Delete Word.

The last word you dictated is removed.

To delete the last phrase you dictated:

Say Scratch That or Delete That.

The last phrase you dictated is removed.

To undo your last dictated action:

Say Undo Dictation.

What happens depends on what you last dictated:

  • If the last thing you did was dictate text, the last phrase dictated is deleted.
  • If the last thing you did was issue a text editing command, that command is reversed.
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