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Adding Punctuation to Existing Text

Dragon Dictate’s Surround the Word feature enables you to insert certain types of punctuation around text that has already been typed. All you do is issue a command that includes the type of punctuation you want with the word or phrase you want to punctuate. You can use this feature to surround text with quotes (double, single, straight, or smart), parentheses, brackets (square, curly, or angle), and Spanish punctuation (question marks and exclamation marks).

A complete table of the command possibilities would be too lengthy to include in this book. Instead, consult Table 4.5 for guidance on how to construct a valid Surround the Word command. Just take one component from each column to build your command.

Table 4.5. Commands for Inserting Punctuation Around Words

Start by saying this:

Say one of these punctuation commands:

Then say this:

And then say one of these commands to specify the text to be punctuated:


Single Quotes


The Selection

Quotes or Double Quotes


Single Straight Quotes

The Word word

Straight Quotes or Double Straight Quotes

The Words firstword Through lastword


The Words firstword To lastword


Braces or Curly Brackets

Angle Brackets

Spanish Question Marks

Spanish Exclamation Marks

To add punctuation to selected text:

  1. Use a Select command (Table 4.3) to select the text you want to punctuate circle_a.jpg.


    circle_a.jpg In this example, I said Select Surround the Word to select some text ...

  2. Say a command in the format Put punctuation type Around The Selection (Table 4.5).

The punctuation you specified is inserted around the selected text circle_b.jpg.


circle_b.jpg ... and then said Put Quotes Around the Selection to put double quotes around the selected text.

To add punctuation to existing text:

Say a command in the format Put punctuation type Around specified words (Table 4.5).

The punctuation type you specified is inserted around the text you specified circle_c.jpg.


circle_c.jpg In this example I said Put Brackets Around Spanish and then said Put Parentheses Around or phrase.

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