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Like this article? We recommend Tip 8: Keep Your Credibility

Tip 8: Keep Your Credibility

If readers suspect that you have ulterior motives or don't have scruples, they won't want to continue reading your content. To keep your readers' trust, follow these rules:

  • Maintain high standards for your posts.
  • Make every effort to avoid errors. If an error is discovered, correct it quickly.
  • Provide fair and impartial opinions and reviews.
  • If you're paid to endorse products or you receive gifts from the manufacturer, disclose this information to your readers.
  • Attribute any ideas or web content that aren't your original concepts.
  • Don't maniacally stuff keywords into your content. If you write naturally for your audience, the content will automatically contain keywords that your readers know and understand. Although it's important that your content can be found easily, you don't have to sacrifice good sentence structure for the sake of inserting a keyword.
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