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From the author of The Finishing Touches

The Finishing Touches

As a last step, it seemed like a good idea to put a white border around the edges of the shot to help blend with the whitish rain streaks. If you open a new empty layer by clicking the Add button, and then make sure the Effect Options are open before you click on the Vignettes category, you’ll notice that as you click through the thumbnails afterward, the values in the Effect Options area will change, giving you an idea of how each preset was created.

The controls for the Vignette settings will be familiar to ACR and Lightroom users. The Brightness setting defines how bright or dark the border area will be, Midpoint defines how close to the edges of the frame the effect will begin, Feather defines how subtle the transition is, and Roundness determines how squared the corners are. Here the only adjustments I needed to make were to reduce the Midpoint value so there was less pure white area around the perimeter of the image, and I increased the Feather value to make the effect more subtle. The final look of the combined image effects are shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9 The finished image has undergone quite a transformation from the original, adding subtle contrast, sun-glow, and even a bit of rain.

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