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Cropping the Slideshow

The slideshow is currently showing all images within the artboard bounds, but you'll change that situation. Suppose you want only one image to show for the slideshow. You can set crop bounds for the slideshow component:

  1. With the Selection tool, double-click the custom component to edit it.
  2. Choose Modify > Auto Size Component Bounds to deselect the option (it's selected by default). Notice the black crop marks that appear around the images. (You may need to zoom out to see all of them.) The crop marks indicate what will show when this file runs.
  3. Position the pointer over the lower-right corner of the crop. Notice the dotted line that appears around the images (see Figure 11).
  4. Figure 11 Viewing the crop.

  5. Click and drag the dotted crop box so that it's only around the first image in the center of the artboard. This action sets up the crop. Now you need to tell Flash Catalyst to use that specific crop (see Figure 12).
  6. Figure 12 Editing the crop.

  7. Choose Modify > Clip to Component Bounds.
  8. Press the Escape key to stop editing the slideshow component. Position the arrows on the artboard so that they're centered under the center image.
  9. Save the file. Test it by pressing Ctrl-Enter (Windows) or Cmd-Return (Mac), or by choosing File > Run Project. Click the arrows to see the sliding. Close the browser and return to Flash Catalyst.

There you have it. A simple slideshow, but you can do much more with it, including adding further interest by fading images in and out or resizing the images. Enjoy!

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