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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


You can create a new playlist right on your Fire. Tap Playlists > Create new playlist. Type in your playlist’s name in the “Create new playlist” pop-up and tap Save (Figure 4.3). Next add some music to your playlist by scrolling through your songs and tapping the plus button next to the songs you want to add (Figure 4.4).

Figure 4.3

Figure 4.3 Name your new playlist something that makes sense given what songs you plan on adding to it.

Figure 4.4

Figure 4.4 Tap the plus icon to add songs to your playlist.

This isn’t the most efficient method of looking for particular songs. Tap the Search box at the top of the Add Songs to Playlist screen and type the name of a song, artist, or album. The results will be displayed, and you can tap the plus sign to add songs to your playlist.

Figure 4.5

Figure 4.5 This little tab appears while you’re scrolling. Press your finger against it, and you’ll scroll through a long list in no time.

Tap the Done button, and your Fire displays an “Updating playlist” message as it creates your playlist (Figure 4.6). Once the playlist is created, it is displayed so you can either play the songs or edit it by tapping the Edit button to add/remove songs.

Figure 4.6

Figure 4.6 Tap Done, and the playlist is saved.

Now that you have a new playlist, you can do some cool things to it. In the playlist list, long tap a playlist, and the contextual menu appears with some options (Figure 4.7):

Figure 4.7

Figure 4.7 The playlist’s contextual menu allows you to download it to your device, among other things.

  • Download playlist: If you know you won’t have Wi-Fi access but you really want to listen to some of your sweet playlists, you can download the playlist, and all the songs that it contains, to your device. This option appears only on playlists in the Cloud library.
  • Add more songs to playlist: I just covered how to create a playlist. If you have an existing playlist and want to add more songs to it, tap this option, and you’ll be taken to the Add Songs screen (shown in Figure 4.4).
  • Rename playlist: Not happy with the name of your playlist? You can change it by tapping this option, typing a new name, and then saving it.
  • Delete playlist from Cloud Drive or device: Want to great rid of the playlist? Tap this and the playlist is gone, but the music on the playlist is still in your Music library.
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