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Social Media with the iPhone

Social media and the participative Internet is more widespread than ever. Of course, this aspect is represented on the iPhone as well. Apple has even given iOS5 a Twitter integration. Now you can share not just information such as photos and visited websites. There is also a Twitter app for the iPhone.

Facebook, the epitome of social media, is also present on the iPhone; you just have to know how to access it.

YouTube with its commentary function and suggestions is now as much a part of social media as it is of entertainment. We will show you how you can access all of these functions on your iPhone as well.


In the Settings of iOS 5, you will find an item called Twitter. During the first few presentations, there was not much to see of a proper Twitter integration into the iPhone. You were just able to type in your username and could then share more or less interesting info with your Twitter friends.


The Twitter item in the iOS 5 Settings has been around for a while. But at first, there were only a few functions behind it.


The Twitter item in the iOS 5 Settings has been around for a while. But at first, there were only a few functions behind it.

Available Functions in iOS5

For example, you can use Twitter to share a website you have just visited. Or you select a photo and show it to the world with an added comment.


Web addresses (left) and photos (right) can be shared via Twitter; this has been possible right from the start. You even have the option to add a location, as in the example on the left.


Web addresses (left) and photos (right) can be shared via Twitter; this has been possible right from the start. You even have the option to add a location, as in the example on the left.

To be able to use these functions, you only had to log in to your Twitter account in Settings, and that was it.


You can also register several Twitter accounts.

But now you can also (almost) automatically install a Twitter app. Once it is installed and you have logged in, you can use the app on your iPhone to access all the functions required for twittering.

As soon as the Twitter app is loaded and you have logged in, you can do practically all the things you can do on a stationary computer.

If you look at the timeline, you can see what your own contacts are writing. If one contact was a lot more active than the rest, you can see it clearly.


The timeline shows what your contacts are writing.

You can also quickly become active yourself and write a few lines. You can still use functions such as @ and #, the character count is displayed, and you can integrate location data and photos.


A new Twitter post is being created. You can still use most of the main functions.

Managing your account data can also be done straight from the app.


You can also view and edit your own account data from within the app.

If you want to edit your profile, you do not need to use any other applications.


Want to view and edit your profile? The Twitter app makes it possible.

If you want another way to access your Twitter account, you can of course use Safari to log in to the Twitter server via the web interface on your iPhone.


Facebook is the epitome of social media. No other site has as many members as Facebook with its more than 700 million registered accounts.

Facebook via Safari

Like almost any website, you can easily access Facebook on your iPhone by opening Safari and entering the web address The page opens, you can log in, and it’s all works fine.


You can easily open Facebook via the Safari browser.

You can access Facebook even more easily by downloading the Facebook app from the App Store and installing it on your iPhone.

The Facebook App

Then the Facebook app can keep you informed via push messages of anything that happens in your Facebook universe. You can also use the app to check the iPhone address book for any Facebook contacts.


This is the Facebook app.

The app makes things such as taking and uploading photos and videos much easier than via the website.


The Facebook app allows easy access to all Facebook functions.

You can get and download the Facebook app for free in the App Store.


In addition to many tools by third parties, there is also an official Facebook app available in the App Store.

YouTube: Videos from the Web and into the Web

YouTube is without doubt one of the most significant Internet services of our time. Nowhere else you will find so many video, and on no platform the video content is as up-to-date. According to YouTube, more than 2 billion videos are being watched per day, and every minute, 35 hours of moving images are being uploaded (as of 2010).

Regardless of whether you want to watch ads, music videos, or embarrassing recordings of various family occasions of other people, on YouTube you can find countless video clips on any topic. Luckily, you have an app integrated into your iPhone, which brings you all these videos right into your home, office, on the train, or wherever you are.

When you open the YouTube app, you will see a picture similar to this:


Right at the start you will see the Featured category of YouTube.

The incredible wealth of content obviously has to be tamed somehow. YouTube manages that quite well by creating different categories for the video clips. On the iPhone, you will see the categories Featured and Most viewed, plus you can search for clips and manage your own Favorites.


The Featured list shows picks selected by the YouTube staff and is definitely worth a look in some cases. Admittedly, it isn’t always gold that shines in this ambitious category. But you may still find the odd jewel hidden in there that actually does deserve attention.


Not always a revelation but well worth a look: the YouTube Featured list

Most Viewed

These are the videos that were viewed most often in the past. You can use the corresponding buttons to display the clips viewed most frequently today or in the current week. All shows you the all-time favorites.


More than 50,000,000 hits is not a bad number for a music video.

Searching for Clips

Most of the time you do not open YouTube to just look around at random. Most likely you are looking for content on a particular subject. So, what would be better than doing a search? Go to the appropriate category and enter the search terms into the search mask. Then YouTube will display the matching results.


The YouTube search will help you find certain topics.


If you have a YouTube account and have saved your favorites there, you can also access them on the iPhone in the corresponding area.

Further YouTube Functions

You have even more options if you tap More. There you will find the most recent videos and top-rated clips. Like with Safari, you can also view your History or your own videos (tap “My videos”). And last but not least, you can manage subscriptions and playlists.

Uploading iPhone Clip to YouTube

If you have recorded a video with your iPhone, you can upload it directly to the YouTube server without detours. Select the video and tap the Do More button (the icon of a little box with an arrow coming out of it). This gives you the option to send it to YouTube.


Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube from your iPhone.

Then you just need to log in with your YouTube data and enter a description. And now your video is available all over the world.

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