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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with Reminders on Your iOS Device

As mentioned before, you work with iCloud reminders on an iOS device in the Reminders app, which was introduced with iOS 5. Even though a reminders list is a kind of calendar, it makes sense to me that Apple chose to separate managing events and reminders on mobile devices, because adding the interface necessary to properly deal with reminders into the Calendar iOS app would have made the app feel as though those reminder features were shoehorned in.

In this section, you’ll see how to use the Reminders app to set up a to-do. Adding or editing a task in Reminders makes it automatically synchronize with the rest of your iCloud-enabled devices.

To set a reminder:

  1. Start the Reminders app.

    The app appears, set to its default List view circle-a.jpg. To see your tasks that have due dates, tap the Date button circle-b.jpg. Note that tasks that don’t have due dates will not appear in the Date view, though all tasks assigned to a particular list (whether they have dates or not) will show when you select that list in List view.


    circle-a.jpg You’ll work with your tasks in the Reminders app. This is the List view.


    circle-b.jpg You can see tasks with associated due date in the Date view.

    On the iPhone or iPod touch, you can move between your different reminders lists in List view by swiping right or left. Similarly, in Date view, you can change the date by swiping right or left, or by tapping a date in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. On the iPad, with its larger screen, you can see more information at one time circle-c.jpg.

  2. In either List or Date view, tap the plus button to add a reminder.

    In the list that you’re on, on the first blank line, an insertion point appears.

  3. Type the reminder title circle-d.jpg.

    circle-d.jpg Enter the title for your reminder.

  4. (Optional) You can tap the Return key and enter more tasks.
  5. On an iPhone or iPod touch, tap the Done button. On an iPad, tap somewhere other than the line you’re typing in, or tap the Hide Keyboard key keyboard.jpg.

    The new reminder appears in the list.

  6. To adjust the reminder’s details, tap it in the list. A Details screen or popover (on the iPad) appears circle-e.jpg.

    circle-e.jpg On the Details screen, you can choose to set a reminder date or location, or you can add other information to the reminder.

    On this screen, you can set a time or geographical reminder by tapping Remind Me.


    If you tap Show More, you have the opportunity to set the reminder’s Priority, change its assigned reminders list, or add Notes.

  7. To set a due date or geographical reminder, tap Remind Me.
  8. On the resulting Remind Me screen circle-f.jpg, you can turn on either (or both) On a Day and At a Location.

    circle-f.jpg You can set either time or location-based reminders.

    If you choose On a Day, Reminders will show you the standard date and time picker. Choose when you want to be reminded, then tap Done.

    If you choose At a Location, the Location screen will appear, showing your current location, your Home and Work locations from your iCloud Contacts list, and a Choose Address button. Tapping that button opens your Contacts list, from which you can choose the location where you want to be reminded. Pick a contact with an address, and you’ll be returned to the Location screen. When you tap the Remind Me button, you’ll see the contact name and address circle-g.jpg. You’ll also get two new options, When I Leave and When I Arrive. Choose one of these.


    circle-g.jpg If you choose to be reminded at a location, you can also choose whether that reminder triggers when you leave or arrive at the location.

  9. Tap Done.
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