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This chapter is from the book Adding photos from a folder to the catalog

Adding photos from a folder to the catalog

Importing photos using the “Add” method is the quickest and most efficient way to build up a Lightroom catalog from scratch and add photos from existing folders. If you are setting up Lightroom for the first time and have all your images neatly structured in, say, your My Pictures folder, all you have to do is choose “Add,” select the topmost folder (the root directory), make sure the Include Subfolders option is checked, and click Import. This lets you import all the photos in one go and the folder directory on your computer will appear mirrored in the Lightroom Folders panel. Here’s how it is done.

  1. In this example I clicked on the Import... button in the Library module to open the Import dialog shown above. I selected the 8th June, 2011 folder from the Source panel and chose the “Add” option from the Workflow bar. You’ll notice how when the Add option is selected only the File Handling and Apply During Import panels are displayed in the right panel section. Note that you’ll need to check the Include Subfolders option in the Source panel. This is because if the folder you are importing from contains subfolders, you will want the subfolder contents to be included in the import. In the File Handling panel I thought it wise to choose Embedded & Sidecar previews and to not import duplicates. In the Apply During Import panel I deliberately chose to leave everything here set to “None,” since I didn’t wish to overwrite or add to any of the existing develop settings or informational metadata.
  2. Before going ahead with the import I decided to save the settings that had been applied in Step 1 as an Import preset (see page 66).
  3. I then clicked on the Import button so that the photos would be imported using the settings configured in Step 1. As you can see, the Folders panel in the Library module shows the 8th June, 2011 folder now added to the Lightroom catalog.
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