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This chapter is from the book Importing photos via drag and drop

Importing photos via drag and drop

Another way to import photos into Lightroom is to simply drag and drop files from a camera card or a folder of images from the Finder/Explorer/Bridge to the Library module content area. This method triggers opening the Import dialog with the dragged folder selected as the source and allows you to decide how the new images should be imported. Even when the Import dialog is already open you can use the drag-and-drop method to make the dragged folder the source.

  1. To carry out a drag-and-drop import, I located the images I wanted to import and dragged them across to the content area in the Library module as shown above.
  2. This drag-and-drop action established the dragged folder as the source. From here on the steps used were exactly the same as for any other import. The drag-and-drop step simply bypassed needing to spend time navigating the Source panel. All I had to do then was to decide how I wanted these new images to be imported. In this example I wanted to copy the photos to the Lightroom 4 folder on my main computer and keep the photos organized by date in dated folders.
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