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Using the Editing Interface

For starters, you can look at your video horizontally (as in Figure 2) or vertically (as in Figure 3). We're going to work horizontally for this example.

Let's take a quick tour around the editing interface. The top part of the screen is occupied with the video you're making, and whatever frame you see is the one where the playhead (the vertical pink line) is sitting.

The images on the bottom of the screen represent the clips you've pulled into your video, from the raw footage in your camera. The square boxes between the images are the transitions—more on that in a minute. The blue track represents audio that you've added (as opposed to audio contained in the video clip).

Six buttons live above and below the video (vertical image) or to its right and left (horizontal image):

  • Go back to the opening screen
  • Record audio
  • Project settings
  • Add footage
  • Play
  • Shoot footage
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