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How Droplets Work

Taking things a step further, however, is the concept of the Droplet. In Photoshop, the process of creating a series of batches to automate tasks can be a task in of itself. Having to click on File > Automate > Batch, select the images, specify a folder—all of these things can become cumbersome when working with multiple images that require different treatments. To facilitate this, Photoshop gives you the option to turn a Batch that you’ve automated into a Droplet (see Figure 4). These are files that can reside on your computer, saving all of these preferences for you.

Once you have created the Droplet file, you can move it anywhere on your computer. Usually when I am trying to process images quickly, I move a series of droplets for me to use on my desktop. Each droplet performs a specific function. To call on them to work, all I have to do is drag a folder or files on top of the droplet, and Photoshop takes care of the rest (see Figure 5).

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