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Lesson Review

  1. What three things do Audio meters show?
  2. Should dialogue levels be set to: A) 0 db, B) –12 db, C) –31 db, or D) none of these options?
  3. Should you change audio levels in the Timeline or the Inspector?
  4. What is the finest resolution that audio can be adjusted to?
  5. Which kinds of clips can have an audio fade effect applied?
  6. How many fade shapes are there and what are they called?
  7. Can you crossfade between two connected clips?
  8. How many speakers can you use for audio panning?
  9. True or false: Panning can be animated in stereo but not in surround.
  10. How do you display individual audio channels of a multichannel clip in the Timeline?


  1. Average audio levels, peak audio levels, and overmodulation
  2. B or C are both acceptable answers. Never set audio to 0 db.
  3. You can set audio levels in either the Timeline or the Inspector.
  4. Audio can be adjusted to the individual sample level.
  5. All clips that contain audio can be faded.
  6. There are four audio fade shapes: Linear, S-curve, +3 dB, and –3 dB.
  7. Yes, although they will automatically be converted into a storyline.
  8. Two speakers in stereo and five speakers in surround. (Surround mixes also include a low-frequency channel that is not affected during panning.)
  9. False. You can animate panning settings in both stereo and surround mixes.
  10. Select the clip, and choose Clip > Break Apart Clip Items.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Open Audio Animation Editor


Open Project Properties


Toggle skimming on and off


Expand/collapse Audio/Video


Detach audio from video and display as a connected clip


Zoom to Samples


Zoom to fit

Option-Down Arrow

Reduce level of the selected keyframe

Option-Up Arrow

Increase level of the selected keyframe

Option-' (apostrophe)

Navigate to next keyframe

Option-; (semicolon)

Navigate to previous keyframe

Command-= (equal sign)

Zoom in on Timeline

Control-= (equal sign)

Increase volume level by 1 dB

Control-- (minus sign)

Decrease volume level by 1 dB


Open Inspector


Display large Audio meters

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