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Choosing What the Filmstrip Displays

Just like you can choose what photo information is displayed in the Grid and Loupe views, you can also choose what info gets displayed in the Filmstrip, as well. Because the Filmstrip is pretty short in height, I think it’s even more important to control what goes on here, or it starts to look like a cluttered mess. Although I’m going to show you how to turn on/off each line of info, my recommendation is to keep all the Filmstrip info turned off to help avoid “info overload” and visual clutter in an already busy interface. But, just in case, here’s how to choose what’s displayed down there:

Step One:

Right-click on any thumbnail down in the Filmstrip and a pop-up menu will appear (seen here). At the bottom of this menu are the View Options for the Filmstrip. There are four options: Show Ratings and Picks will add tiny flags and star ratings to your Filmstrip cells. If you choose Show Badges, it adds mini-versions of the same thumbnail badges you can see in the Grid view (which show if the photo is in a collection, whether keywords have been applied, whether the photo has been cropped, or if the image has been adjusted in Lightroom). Show Stack Counts will add a stack icon with the number of images inside the stack. The last choice, Show Image Info Tooltips, kicks in when you hover your cursor over an image in the Filmstrip—a little window pops up showing you the info you have chosen in the View Options dialog for your Info Overlay 1.

Step Two:

Here’s what the Filmstrip looks like when these options are turned off (top) and with all of them turned on (bottom). You can see Picks flags, star ratings, and thumbnail badges (with unsaved metadata warnings), and I hovered my cursor over one of the thumbnails, so you can see the little pop-up window appear giving me info about the photo. The choice is yours—clean or cluttered.

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