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From the author of Networking Matters

Networking Matters

One of the biggest challenges I feel most photographers face is understanding the business side of the industry. On any given day, I can jump onto 500px or 1x and see hundreds or even thousands of the most compelling and amazing images on the Internet, by photographers that I might never hear of otherwise. Networking is a fundamental tool of being a photographer, regardless of whether you're a full-time professional or a college student looking to find a new passion (see Figure 9).

Figure 9 Google+ Ripples show how one of my posts was shared across the network through my connections.

Learn to invest your time in the online locations that give you the most benefit. For me, Google+ has the tools and structure that best allow me to interact and engage with fellow colleagues, potential clients, and close friends in much more personal ways than on any other network currently available. Give it a shot—maybe I'll see you in a hangout one of these days!

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