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Working with the SWF Preview Controls

Interactive elements don’t react on the InDesign page. Fortunately, you can preview if your elements are set correctly.

To use the SWF Preview panel:

  1. Choose Window > Interactive > SWF Preview. This opens the SWF Preview panel squ_d.jpg.

    squ_d.jpg The Preview panel lets you see and interact with the elements in the document.

  2. Choose one of the preview selection mode buttons squ_e.jpg:
    • Preview Selection sets the Preview panel to display just the selected object. Use this when you have many interactive elements on a page and need to test just one or two elements.
    • Preview Page sets the Preview panel to display the spread currently selected.
    • Preview Document sets the Preview panel to display the entire document.

    squ_e.jpg The preview selections controls of the SWF Preview panel.

  3. Click the Play Preview button squ_f.jpg.

    squ_f.jpg The play controls of the SWF Preview panel.

  4. If you edit the document, use the Clear Preview button to delete the previous version of the document from the Preview panel.
  5. Use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to move through the document.
  6. Move your mouse over the preview area of the Preview panel. Interactive elements react with the mouse cursor as they would in the exported SWF.
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