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From the author of Using Graphic Styles to Flip Objects

Using Graphic Styles to Flip Objects

The next step is to flip the background rectangles by using graphic styles. Graphic styles are different from symbols in that they define how an object looks. These styles are composed of appearance attributes that can be applied to any other object on the artboard. The appearance attributes are put together using the Appearance panel and then saved to the Graphic Styles panel.

Follow these steps to use graphic styles to finalize the background rectangles:

  1. Select the background rectangle for the sidebar, as shown in Figure 9. In the Graphic Styles panel (press Shift-F5), click the texture-med style.
  2. Select the header bar rectangle at the top of the content area, as shown in Figure 10. In the Graphic Styles panel, click the texture-dark style.
  3. Figure 9 The sidebar background gets a texture through the use of a graphic style.

    Figure 10 The section navigation uses a different style for its background.

  4. Select the "Add a car to your collection" rectangle (see Figure 11) and click the texture-light style. Then select the main content rectangle and click the texture-xlight style.
  5. When you're done, your page should look like Figure 12.

    Figure 11 Adding style to the content background.

    Figure 12 The design with all textures added.

Now, let's change the horizontal rules in the sidebar by switching the brush style:

  1. Select one of the horizontal rules. In the Illustrator menu, choose Select > Object > Brush Strokes. This setting will automatically grab all objects with the same brush stroke.
  2. Open the Brushes panel (press F5) and click the Basic brush style, as shown in Figure 13.
  3. Figure 14 shows the finished result.
  4. Figure 13 Choose the Basic brush for a plain horizontal rule.

    Figure 14 Sidebar with all horizontal rules changed.

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