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Smart Object Integration in CS5 Versus CS6

If you used the Smart Object integration in older versions of Dreamweaver, you're in for somewhat of a rude surprise, because Dreamweaver CS6 changes the workflow of Photoshop integration quite a bit. The previous version used an Image Preview dialog, which has been replaced in CS6 with the Image Optimization dialog. In some ways, the new workflow is a little better: Fewer options means fewer opportunities for confusion or messing up the image. This workflow encourages you to prepare your images in a real image editor (such as Photoshop), rather than in Dreamweaver.

On the other hand, the Image Preview dialog offered some useful features, such as resizing images, which are not available in the Image Optimization dialog in CS6. If you import a high-resolution .psd file into Dreamweaver CS6, it comes in at full size. Then you must resize—and sometimes resample—the image in Dreamweaver. Two separate operations, rather than just one; in my opinion, that's a step backward. It's probably better to resize images in Photoshop before you try to bring them into Dreamweaver, but then you'll most likely want to save the smaller version of the resized Photoshop file before bringing it into Dreamweaver—another step that wasn't required earlier.

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