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  1. The different types of metadata
  2. A quick image search using metadata
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From the book A quick image search using metadata

A quick image search using metadata

One of the key features in Lightroom is the filter bar, which can be accessed at the top of the content area whenever you are in the Library Grid view mode. The filter bar combines text search, file attribute, and metadata search functionality all in one. The following steps suggest just one of the ways you can use a metadata filter search to find photos quickly and thereby demonstrate the usefulness of tagging your photos with keywords. Over the page I begin by outlining the main aspects of the Metadata panel followed by the Keywording and keyword List panels.

  1. Let me begin by showing how you can search for photos quickly, without needing to refer to the folders the images are kept in. In the example shown here, I selected all of the photos in the catalog and used Image (Mac) or Image (PC) to reveal the Library filter bar with the Text search field activated. Here, I typed “elephant,” where I had the search constrained to search within “Any Searchable Field” using “Contains All” search criteria. This filtered the catalog view to reveal 271 images with a text match for the word “elephant.” This could be wherever there was a match in a keyword, caption. or filename even. A filtered selection of 271 images was obviously a lot easier to sort through compared to a Google search that produced over 11 million results, but there are ways you can use Lightroom to narrow a search like this down further.
  2. I then clicked on the Attribute tab in the filter bar and clicked on the one star button to narrow the search down to elephant images with a star rating of one star or higher. This reduced the selection down to a more manageable 59 images.
  3. Lastly, I clicked on the Metadata tab in the filter bar and in the Date column clicked to select just those images that were shot in 2010. I also clicked on the three star button to display just those images with a rating of three stars or higher.
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