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Secret 3: Use Punctuation with Dictation

I'm dictating much of this tip using the new Dictation tool that Apple has added to Mountain Lion. It's easy to start Dictation by pressing your function key twice. Then just speak, and hit the Done button when you've said everything you want to say. Dictation works pretty well, although you'll have to go over everything carefully—sometimes Dictation can misinterpret you in very bizarre ways.

Probably the trickiest part of using Dictation is getting the correct punctuation into your sentences. The simple punctuation is obvious. Say "period" for a period, "comma" for a comma. But you can also speak the following words to get more out of Dictation:

Say This

Get This

Left parenthesis


Right parenthesis




Pound sign


Question mark


Minus sign


Plus sign


At sign


A few other useful expressions that Dictation understands are "new line," "new paragraph," and "all caps." Experiment to see what else you can discover! (Exclamation point.)

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