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Secret 5: Pin Your Notes to the Desktop

Notes is a handy little app that lets you jot a quick note to yourself, but it also syncs beautifully between all your devices with iCloud. Notes also has a little trick that makes it even more useful as a way to keep track of things: You can pin specific notes to your desktop.

Open Notes and create a new note. In the left column, find the note you want to pin and double-click it (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 Double-click any notes you want to pin to your desktop.

Your selected note opens as a separate window, which you can resize and move anywhere you like. You can now close the main Notes app; your note remains open. Be careful, though; quitting the Notes app will close all your notes, so just close the main Notes window and leave the app running.

Best part of this secret: If you update your notes on your other devices, the changes will be reflected on your pinned notes!

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