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Folio Producer

After you’ve created your interactive content and added your folios with articles to the Folio Builder panel, the next step toward creating an app is to upload your content to Folio Producer. Folio Producer is a web-based tool that allows you to organize, edit, share, and publish the folios you’ve created in InDesign. It’s part of the DPS Dashboard, which contains several tools and resources for publishing your app.

Because the focus of this book is on the tools in InDesign, we’ll just give you a quick overview of Folio Producer to get you started exploring on your own.

To access Folio Producer, choose Folio Producer from the flyout menu on the Folio Builder panel or use your computer’s browser to log in to the DPS Dashboard at Log in with the same Adobe ID you used to create your folios in the Folio Builder panel in InDesign. Anyone with a valid Adobe ID can log in to the DPS Dashboard, but certain options are available only to DPS subscribers.

From the Dashboard, click Folio Producer. You will now be in the Folio Producer Organizer and will see a list of all the folios you created in the Folio Builder panel in InDesign. From this list view, you can specify various settings for the folio, such as the Publication Name and the Folio Number. Settings that are marked with an asterisk are required to publish the folio. Any changes you make here are updated and show in your Folio Builder panel in InDesign.

You can also share the folio from here by clicking the Share icon shareicon.jpg at the top of the window. Just as when sharing from the Folio Builder panel, you’ll get an email you can address to invite others to share the folio.

If you have local folios you want to work with in Folio Producer, you must upload them. Click the name of the local folio and choose Upload to Folio Producer from the flyout menu. The list in Folio Producer will be updated to include the local folio.

You can use the Folio Producer Editor to rearrange articles, move articles to and from other folios, and change article settings. To access the Editor, click the name of a folio in the Organizer list and click Open.

You can work with articles in either a thumbnail view or a list view. To change the article properties, click an article and edit the information shown on the right side of the window.

You can still edit your InDesign documents after you have done work on them in Folio Producer. From InDesign, choose Update from the flyout menu on the Folio Builder panel.

Once your folio is organized the way you want it, you can publish your folio to the Adobe Distribution Server. This option is available to anyone and does not require a DPS subscription. Simply click the name of the folio in the Folio Producer Organizer window, then click Publish. Once the folio is published, you can download it to your device’s Adobe Content Viewer and experience the app exactly as your users will see it.

If you have a DPS subscription, you will need to embed this published folio in your custom viewer app. The folio is embedded in the viewer app as a ZIP file. To create this ZIP file, click the Export button in the Folio Producer Organizer window.


The final step in Folio Producer is to export your folio as a ZIP file that can be embedded in the app.

Think of the Folio Producer as a bridge between the production of your folio and the actual app development, which requires a DPS subscription. The app development is the final step in making your app available for sale to the general public.

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