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From the book Applying a content-aware patch

Applying a content-aware patch

Content-aware tools take blending a few steps further: Photoshop fills a selection with pixels that match the surroundings. Using the Patch tool in Content-Aware mode isn’t like cloning, because you aren’t copying part of the image to another part. Really, it’s more like magic. You can fill any selection with content similar to the content around it, as if the object you selected never existed. You’ll get a chance to see it for yourself as you touch up the brick wall, removing the large crack and the dark areas of the wall on the left. Because the wall varies in color, texture, and lighting, it would be challenging to successfully use the Clone Stamp tool to touch up these areas. Fortunately, the Patch tool makes this process easy.

  1. In the Tools panel, select the Patch tool (Image), hidden beneath the Spot Healing Brush tool (Image).
  2. In the options bar, choose Content-Aware from the Patch menu. Then make sure Medium is selected in the Adaptation menu, and that Sample All Layers is selected.
  3. Drag the Patch tool around the crack in the wall to select it.
  4. Click within the area you’ve just selected and drag it to the right.
  5. The selection changes to match the area around it.

  6. Choose Select > Deselect.
  7. Use the Patch tool to select the darker area on the left edge of the wall. You can draw outside the photo to make sure the selection includes the very edge of the image.
  8. Drag the selected area to the right.
  9. Choose Select > Deselect.
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