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From the book 2. Basic Photo Corrections

Adjusting saturation with the Sponge tool

When you change the saturation of a color, you adjust its strength or purity. The Sponge tool is useful for making subtle saturation changes to specific areas of an image. You’ll use the Sponge tool to saturate the color of some of the graffiti.

  1. Zoom out or scroll, if necessary, to see the colorful graffiti.
  2. Select the Sponge tool (Image), hidden under the Dodge tool (Image).
  3. In the options bar, do the following:
    • In the Brush pop-up panel, move the Size slider to 150 px, and then move the Hardness slider to 0%.
    • Choose Saturate from the Mode menu.
    • For Flow, enter 40%. The Flow value determines the intensity of the saturation effect.
  4. Drag the sponge back and forth over the graffiti to the left of the girl to increase the saturation. The more you drag over an area, the more saturated the color becomes. Be careful not to oversaturate the graffiti.
  5. Select the Move tool (Image) to ensure you don’t accidentally add saturation elsewhere.
  6. Save your work.
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