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Adding Form Fields with Acrobat XI

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Learn how you can use the form tools in Acrobat XI to add form fields to any document.
From the book

You can use the form tools in Acrobat to add form fields to any document. Because you’ve used the Create option to convert a document to an interactive PDF form, you’re already in Form Editing mode. You can access this mode at any time by clicking Edit in the Forms panel.

Each form field has a name, which should be unique and descriptive; you’ll use this name when you collect and analyze data, but it does not appear on the form the user sees. You can add tool tips and labels to help users understand how to complete form fields.

Adding a text field

Acrobat found most of the form fields in the document, but it missed a couple of fields on the second page. You’ll add a text field for an email address. Text fields enable users to enter information, such as their name or telephone number, on a form.

  1. If you are not in Form Editing mode, click Edit in the Forms panel.
  2. Scroll to the second page of the PDF form.
  3. In the Tasks panel, choose Text Field from the Add New Field menu. Your pointer becomes a cross-hair, attached to a text box.
  4. Click to the right of “Email address (optional):” to place the text field.
  5. Type email address in the Field Name box. Do not select Required Field, because, of course, this is an optional field.
  6. Drag the right edge of the text field to make it longer.
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