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Working with Column View

Column view displays the contents of a window in multiple columns. Clicking a folder in one column displays the contents of that folder in the column to its right. Clicking a document or application in a column displays a preview or information about the item in the column to its right.

To display a folder’s contents

Click the name of the folder you want to view the contents of.

The contents of the folder appear in the column to the right of the one you clicked in blackcircle_a.jpg.

To display a document preview

Click the icon for the document you want to preview.

One of two things happens:

To move through the folder hierarchy

To move through the folder hierarchy, scroll left or right in the window using the scroll bar (page 28) or gestures (page 28):

To change column width

  1. Position the pointer on the divider between two columns or, if column scroll bars are displayed, on the handle at the bottom of the scroll bar between two columns.

    The pointer turns into a vertical line with two arrows blackcircle_d.jpgblackcircle_e.jpg.

  2. Press the button down and drag:
  3. When the column is the desired size, release the button.

To view more or fewer columns

Change the width of the window (page 26):

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