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Like this article? We recommend Tip 2: Adapt Your Keyboard (or Don't)

Tip 2: Adapt Your Keyboard (or Don't)

When you have to hit the ground running with Premiere Pro, nothing is smarter than changing your keyboard shortcuts to match those of either Final Cut Pro (FCP) or Avid Media Composer (see Figure 6). It's a great way to go fast. Choose the Premiere Pro menu > Keyboard (Mac) or Preferences menu > Keyboard (PC).

Figure 6 Select, build, and save customized keyboards.

Option 1: Remap Your Keyboard

Want to remap something? Search for a command in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, double-click in the Shortcut field, and press the keyboard choice you'd like to use.

Option 2: Learn the Adobe Keyboard

One counterargument against using the FCP or Avid keyboard layout in Premiere Pro: No translated keyboard matches 1:1. There are always differences, and sometimes those differences cause more frustration. (It's like feeling your way in the darkness at night and banging your shin into a coffee table that you don't remember being there.) Also, adapting software to your muscle memory doesn't teach you the way the software was designed to work, and you might miss out on some great features.

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