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From the author of Tip 6: Quickly Adding and Adjusting Effects

Tip 6: Quickly Adding and Adjusting Effects

There are three major tasks when dealing with effects:

  • Add an effect.
  • Find the controls for keyframing.
  • Adjust scale and position directly on the video itself.

Let's look at ways to handle these tasks.

Adding Effects

Adding an effect is as simple as dragging from the Effects panel to a clip on the Timeline. Another option is to search for a specific effect (which is far faster than rolling open categories). You can even limit effects to just those that are accelerated, as I mentioned in the earlier section "Limit the Effects Palette to Just the Accelerated Effects."

Accessing Effect Controls

Click on any clip. Go to the Effect Controls panel. (If it's not visible, press Shift-5.) Here you'll find the effects that every clip automatically has, such as position, rotation, and scale (see Figure 10). Under the Opacity parameter are the common blending modes such as Screen and Overlay.

Figure 10 Lots going on here! Notice the stopwatch on the Scale parameter, the keyframes, and the blend modes (under Opacity).

Setting Keyframes

Keyframing in Premiere Pro is very much like it is in After Effects. Roll open any parameter you'd like to adjust. Press the stopwatch to set the first keyframe. After that, move the playhead to a different frame, and then adjust the parameter however you like—the keyframe will be added automatically. It takes two keyframes for an animation to occur.

Working Directly in the Program Panel

To make an adjustment to scale or position directly in the program window, double-click the clip in the program window. That action brings up a wireframe around the clip, permitting you to adjust position and scale. Setting the first keyframe is done in the effect controls, as I mentioned a moment ago. After that, anytime you move the playhead, adjusting directly onscreen creates keyframes.

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