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Using International Keyboards

If you communicate in more than one language, you can add keyboards to type in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many more. You can switch keyboards at any time.

To add an international keyboard

  1. Tap Settings > Language & Input to open the Language & Input screen red-a.jpg.


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    red-a.jpg The Language & Input screen. In the Keyboard & Input Methods section, you can toggle keyboards and change their settings by tapping 2-action-settings.jpg next to the keyboard name.

  2. To add a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese keyboard, turn on Google Korean Keyboard, Google Pinyin, or iWnn IME.


    To add keyboards for other languages, tap 2-action-settings.jpg next to Android Keyboard; tap Input Languages; turn off Use System Language; and then select the desired keyboard language(s) red-b.jpg.


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    red-b.jpg Language variants are listed by country, region, or dialect—English (UK) or French (Canada), for example.

To switch keyboards

Tap the Globe key 7-location-web-site.jpg repeatedly to cycle through your keyboards. Stop when you see the name of the desired keyboard on the spacebar.


Touch and hold the Globe key 7-location-web-site.jpg, and then tap the desired keyboard in the pop-up list red-c.jpg.


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red-c.jpg Go to the globe when you want to switch keyboard languages. The Globe key (next to the spacebar) appears only if you’ve added multiple keyboards.

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