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Managing links

Now you’ll correct the broken links on the contents page and add a missing link.

  1. Go to page 1, the table of contents page, if you’re not there already.
  2. Click the links for each of the table of contents entries to identify problems. The link for page 3 and the second link for page 6 go to the wrong pages. There is no link for the last entry.

    First, you’ll correct the links that go to the wrong pages.

  3. Open the Content Editing panel in the Tools pane, and select the Add Or Edit Link tool. Acrobat outlines the links on the page.
  4. Double-click the link for page 3, “What is the City of Meridien Conference?”
  5. In the Link Properties dialog box, click the Actions tab. The action associated with this link is to go to page 3. Click Edit.
  6. In the Go To A Page In This Document dialog box, select Use Page Number, and enter 3 in the Page box. Click OK.

    The listed action now goes to page 4. Remember that you renumbered the pages, so page 3 is actually the 4th page in the PDF file.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Select the Selection tool, and click the link for page 3. It goes to the appropriate page now. Return to the table of contents page.
  9. Follow steps 3–7 to make the same change for the link to the previous event results, changing the linked page number to page 6.

    Now you’ll create a link for the last entry.

  10. Go to page 1, if you’re not there already, and select the Add Or Edit Link tool in the Content Editing panel.
  11. Drag a link box around the final contents entry, “10 General information.”
  12. In the Create Link dialog box, choose Invisible Rectangle for the Link Type, and select Go To A Page View in the Link Action area. Then click Next.
  13. Scroll to page 10. When the General Information page is on the screen, click Set Link. Acrobat returns you to the contents page.
  14. Select the Selection tool, and then click the link you just created to test it.
  15. Choose File > Save to save your work.
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