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Lesson Review

  1. Using an administrator computer with the Server app installed, how do you use the Server app to administer a remote server?
  2. What option do you need to select in order to allow another Mac to administer your server, and where is its checkbox?
  3. What tools does the Tools menu give you quick access to open?
  4. Do you have to install extra software to take control of your server’s keyboard and mouse?
  5. How do you hide the Next Steps drawer?
  6. If you use the Server app to choose a different service data volume to a volume called /Volumes/Data, what folder will contain the service data?
  7. Do you need to stop all services before using the Server app to change your service data volume?
  8. Can you remotely install OS X Server on a brand new Mac computer that comes with OS X Server, without first configuring OS X on that computer?


  1. Open the Server app, choose Manage > Connect to Server, select your remote server from the list (or select Other, and then provide its host name or address), and provide credentials for a local administrator.
  2. Select your server in the Server app sidebar (in the Hardware section), click the Settings tab, and then select the option “Allow remote administration using Server.”
  3. The Tools menu gives you access to these applications:
    • Directory Utility
    • Screen Sharing
    • System Image Utility
    • Xsan Admin
  4. No, on your server computer, you open the Server app and select your server in the Server app sidebar (in the Hardware section). Click the Settings tab, select the checkbox “Enable screen sharing and remote management,” and then on your administrator computer use Screen Sharing to take control of your server computer’s keyboard.
  5. Click the Next Steps button, or choose Help > Next Steps Button.
  6. In this case, your service data will be stored in /Volumes/Data/Library/Server.
  7. No, the Server app automatically stops the appropriate services before moving their data to the new service data volume.
  8. No, you need to configure OS X before installing and configuring OS X Server.
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