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When to Use Perfect Portrait

Not every photograph of a person is going to need extensive (or even basic) retouching, but when your subject’s face is the main highlight of the frame, then Perfect Portrait is an excellent solution for your editing workflow. Here are a few other occasions when this software is a good choice:

  • Quick portrait edits: Perfect Portrait uses facial recognition to locate key areas on the face, such as the eyes and mouth. Enabling you to automate your retouching, this feature makes quickly enhancing and beautifying any portrait easy.
  • Presets and batch edits: For those occasions when you have several portraits of the same person, such as senior portrait or bridal sessions, for example, you can create a preset for that individual and then apply it to the rest of your images. What’s even more impressive is the ability to batch edit with these presets (using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom) to quickly go through a large set of images at once.
  • Individual retouches in group photos: For groups of two or more people, you can separate and edit each face individually. Because each face is unique and requires different types of edits, this software allows you to fine-tune the adjustments specifically for each person.
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