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User Settings Mode—Saving Your Favorite Settings to the Mode Dial


User Settings mode is a great feature if you’d like to access your favorite settings with the touch of a dial. These settings appear on the Mode dial as U1 and U2. If you have a favorite group of settings that you find you are using often and want to have them close at hand, then these modes are for you.

  1. Under any of the semi-automatic modes or Manual mode, set the camera to your favorite settings, adjusting any or all of the following: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, flash, focus point, metering, and bracketing.
  2. Go to the Setup menu, and select Save user settings (A).
  3. Highlight Save to U1 or U2, then click OK to save your settings (B), (C).
  4. When you want to use those settings again, just rotate the Mode dial to U1 or U2, and the camera will choose your saved settings so that you’re ready to go.

I find it useful to set up one user setting for Aperture Priority with bracketing turned on and ISO set to 100 for times when I want shoot that way (I find it too easy to forget that I have bracketing enabled). I have the other user setting configured for Shutter Priority with Auto ISO sensitivity enabled for times when freezing fast action is more important than ISO setting (and I also find it easy to forget that I have Auto ISO sensitivity enabled). This makes it simple for me to jump right to those settings, but also to jump out again.

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