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This chapter is from the book

Rewind and Review

Take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve learned in this chapter:

  • How many of jQuery’s DOM manipulators have counterpart functions that perform the same action?
  • Are there advantages to using functions that perform the same action but have a different syntax? What are the advantages?
  • Why is it a good idea to preload images?
  • What is the benefit of using a DOM inspection tool like Firebug?
  • What is preventDefault() used for?
  • What is the difference between postion() and offset()?
  • How do you preserve event handlers on cloned elements?
  • How does the term deep copy apply to cloned elements?
  • When should you cache a selector?
  • How many jQuery functions can you chain together?
  • Are line breaks allowed when chaining jQuery methods?
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