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Working with Multiple Video Tracks

Video groups are a very useful way of keeping video clips together in a linear fashion. Figure 4.14 shows a video group and how the Layers panel maps to the Timeline. Whenever you import video, a video group will automatically be created. Put simply, a video group is in fact a video track.

Figure 4.14

Figure 4.14. A video group and how the Timeline matches the Layers panel.

For the majority of editing purposes, using a single video track is sufficient. But when you need to be a bit more creative, you’ll need to work with more than one video track. The advantage of stacking video layers is that whatever you can do with images in layers, most of the time you can do the same thing with video layers. For example, you can apply layer opacity and Blend modes with video to create great-looking effects. To stack the clips on top of each other, you first need to split a Timeline into more than one track. Let’s walk through the process step by step.

  1. Click the Filmstrip icon at the right of Video Group 1 on the Timeline. On the menu that appears, choose New Video Group (Figure 4.15).
    Figure 4.15

    Figure 4.15. Options to create a new video group.

    A new empty video group called Video Group 2 will be created above the existing group (Figure 4.16).

    Figure 4.16

    Figure 4.16. Video Group 2 is ready for footage.

  2. With a new video group created, it’s easy to move clips into it. Just drag your clips from other groups into the new group. Using the example files (Figure 4.17), drag the ocean clip into Video Group 2.
    Figure 4.17

    Figure 4.17. Click and drag a clip into the desired video group. You can then stack video.

    Notice that the clip moves to the new group and the rest of the footage nudges to the left to fill in the gap (Figure 4.18).

    Figure 4.18

    Figure 4.18. A multitrack video project.

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