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From the book Adding a combo box

Adding a combo box

A combo box is a drop-down menu that lists multiple predefined choices. A viewer of the form can select only one of the choices. Next, you’ll create a combo box that offers four choices.

  1. Use the Selection tool () to select the text frame below the heading, “I would like to receive more information about:”.
  2. In the Buttons And Forms panel, choose Combo Box from the Type menu, and then enter More Information in the Name field.
  3. To provide the viewer of the PDF form with different choices, you’ll add three list items.
  4. In the lower half of the Buttons And Forms panel, enter Hockey Camps in the List Items box, and then click the plus sign to the right of the box. Notice that the text you entered is now displayed in the list below the box.
  5. Repeat the previous step to add Hockey Equipment, Hockey Videos/DVDs, and Personalized Coaching to the list.
  6. Click Hockey Camps in the list of items to make it the default selection. When a viewer opens the exported PDF file, Hockey Camps will already be selected.
  7. Choose File > Save.
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