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From the book Adding a button to submit the form

Adding a button to submit the form

If you distribute a PDF form, you’re going to want to include a way for anybody who fills out the form to return it to you. To accomplish this, you’ll create a button that sends the filled-out PDF form to your email address.

  1. Drag the red button named “6” in the Buttons And Forms panel and position it below “Click to submit your information.” Align the left edge of the button with the left edge of the State field; align the bottom with the bottom of the E-mail Address field.
  2. Use the Selection tool () to widen the button by dragging the midpoint handle on its right edge so that the edge aligns with the column guide.
  3. Shorten the button by dragging the midpoint handle on its top edge down until it’s the same height as the E-mail Address field. A Smart Guide is displayed when the edges align and the heights are the same.
  4. In the Buttons And Forms panel, enter Submit Form in the Name field, and then press Enter or Return.
  5. Click Go To URL, click the Delete Selected Action button (), and then click OK to confirm the deletion.
  6. Click the Add New Action For Selected Event () button, and then choose Submit Form from the menu.
  7. In the URL field, enter mailto:. Make sure you enter a colon after “mailto”. Do not enter a space or a period before or after the colon.
  8. Enter your email address after mailto: (for example, This will return the completed form to you.
  9. Press Enter or Return to apply the changes and then choose File > Save.
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