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Want to Take Things Up a Notch? Shoot Low

When you’re setting up your tripod at some famous landscape location, look at all the other people setting up their tripods. What do they all have in common (take a look at the image on page 65 again)? They’re all standing behind their tripods, right? So, what’s about to happen? They’re all about to take a shot with pretty much the same vantage point and perspective. So, how do you make yours have more impact and stand out? Shoot down low. That’s right—rather than extending the legs of your tripod all the way out, set up your tripod fairly low to the ground, to where you’ll be shooting either sitting down or kneeling down (in some situations you might even want to lay down). This will give you a different perspective and it will accentuate the foreground. These two will often give your images more impact. Remember, if you just do what everybody else is doing, your shots will pretty much look like those of everybody else shooting right beside you. This is one way to tip the scales in your favor.

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