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A Tip for Shooting Forests


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Want a great tip for shooting forest scenes? Don’t include the ground in your shots. That’s right, the ground in the forest is often surprisingly messy (with dead branches, and leaves, and a really cluttered look) and that’s why so many pro forest shots don’t include the ground—it distracts from the beauty of the trees. So, easy enough—frame your shots so they don’t include the ground, and you’re shooting better forest shots right off the bat. Now, if the ground looks good, then by all means include it, but if it’s a mess, you’ve got a way to save the shot. Here’s another forest shooting tip: overcast days are great for shooting forests because it’s difficult to get a decent forest shot in bright, harsh sunlight. However, there is one exception to this rule: if there’s “atmosphere” (fog or mist) in the forest on bright days, the sun’s rays cutting through the fog or mist can be spectacular.

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