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Getting More Interesting Mountain Shots


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One theme you’ll see again and again throughout this book is to shoot from angles we don’t see every day. For example, if your subject is mountains, don’t shoot them from the road at the bottom of the mountain. This is exactly how we see mountains every day when we drive by them on the interstate, so if you shoot them like that (from the ground looking up), you’ll create shots that look very normal and average. If you want to create mountain shots that have real interest, give people a view they don’t normally see—shoot from up high. Either drive up as high as you can on the mountain, or hike up as high as is safe, then set up your camera and shoot down on or across the mountains. (This is the same theory as not shooting down on flowers. We don’t shoot down on flowers because that’s the view we normally have of them. In turn, we don’t shoot up at mountains, because we always see them from that same view. It’s boring, regular, and doesn’t show your viewer something they haven’t seen a hundred times before.)

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