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From the author of Troubleshooting a Moving Target

Troubleshooting a Moving Target

In this article, I’ve tried to provide suggestions for dealing with the most common iCloud problems; however, iCloud has lots and lots of not-so-common problems. This is partly because iCloud is a service that is under constant construction by Apple. Other times, it seems as though Apple has simply lost interest in fixing some long-standing reported bugs with iCloud. For example, sometimes you can send mail from an iPhone, but the email doesn’t go into the Sent Mail folder. This bug has been reported for years, yet it is still not fixed. There are similar annoying problems with other iCloud services, such as iTunes Match, how iCloud works with third-party apps, and many more. Because of Apple’s penchant for secrecy, sometimes bugs get fixed with no announcement. And unfortunately, some bugs simply hang around. Until then, all the rest of us can do is try to work the problems and apply workarounds where we can, because on the whole, iCloud is still an exceptionally useful service.

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