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2. The New Economic Environment

Although we are already mired in the new e-conomy, we are just at the beginning of the changes, as brick-and-mortar companies race to be successful online, and dot.coms try to dethrone established companies' brands. There will be more consolidation, hybrids, partnering, and new business models that will shift the mix and balance of power.

Clyde Foster, CEO, eConvergent

"There will be a more seamless merger of online and offline worlds. Brick-and-mortar companies will get better at online business, and dot.coms will get better at traditional business and profitability. Economies of scale will result for both worlds."

Lisa Sharples, Chief Marketing Officer,

"A multichannel approach will be used for all e-commerce companies, including retail. The line will blur between who's an e-commerce company and who isn't."

Rip Gerber, Chief Strategy Officer and Vice-President of Marketing, Commtouch

"The age of the large conglomerates is over. Ten years from now, the Fortune 500 will be irrelevant. Those that survive will either be invisible giants running the infrastructure for everyone else or those that will unquestionably own their customers through passion-invoking brands and impenetrable customer relationships."

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