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3. A New Internet-Enabled World

In the not-too-distant future, the use of the Internet will be routine, rather like electricity, as the comfort level with the technology and this method of doing business evolves. Our work and personal lives will not only be more connected because of the evolving technology infrastructure, but more integrated as well. Processes and functions that we use in the workplace will make their way into our homes. A total Internet-enabled world where every IP appliance can coordinate an exchange transaction, with or without a human guide, is right around the corner.

Mohit Mehrotra, Vice-President and General Manager, American Express Corporate Services Interactive

"In the near future, conducting business online will become the norm. There will be a much higher level of comfort in conducting business online, from both the company's and the customer's point of view."

Barbara Jones, Director of Customer Service, Cisco Systems

"The customer of the future will live in an Internet-integrated environment—extending to the home. Ideas such as smart home appliances like smart refrigerators, or cars that alert you to the maintenance schedule—all controllable via the Internet—are just around the corner."

Dylan Tweney, Writer and Consultant, Tweney Media

"There will be more e-commerce in general and people will be more comfortable with it. We will also see e-commerce in more contexts—embedded in Web applications and in Internet devices."

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