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5. Better, Faster, and Maybe Cheaper

With continued learning and experimentation, companies will build better products and services by utilizing the multiple capabilities of their own companies and also their partners. Price may still be a determinant in customers' buying decisions, but value received is becoming more important than price by itself. New ways to conduct business enabled by technology will lead to many new opportunities for companies, with improved choices for customers and more efficient payment mechanisms for the exchange of value between parties.

Brooks Fisher, Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing, Intuit Inc.

"The nature of money will change. The physical need for it will disappear. This removes the administrative headache from buying things."

Peter Ostrow, CEO, Testmart

"Companies will get better at usability, navigation, and e-commerce in general. There will be better products to buy."

George Roman, CTO, diCarta

"There will be simpler payment schemes, which will make it easier for people to buy goods and services. Customers will have higher expectations with sites as well—every interaction must be a positive experience."

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