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Tweening Instances

Instances allow you to create a series of steps so that one object changes over a series of frames. This is called tweening.

To animate instances by tweening:

  1. Position an instance where you want the motion to start.

  2. Position a second instance where you want the motion to end.

  3. Make whatever changes you want to the first and second objects.

  4. Select both instances, and choose Modify > Symbol > Tween Instances. The Tween Instances dialog box appears (Figure  15).

    Figure 15

    Tween Instances dialog box.


  • You can tween between more than two instances so that the animation moves in different directions.

  1. Set the number of new instances in the Steps field.

  2. Click Distribute to Frames to create new frames with each instance on its own frame.

  3. Click OK. The new instances fill in the space between the original instances (Figure 16).

    Figure 16

    Tweening between two instances creates intermediate steps between the instances. In this case, the animation object appears to get bigger as it fades into view.


To tween effects:

  1. Apply an effect to an instance of a symbol.

  2. Apply the same effect to another instance of the same symbol.


  • You must apply the effect to both instances. To tween to no effect, set the values of the effect to zero.

  1. Apply the Tween command. The effect changes across the intermediate steps of the tween (Figure  17).

    Figure 17

    An example of a tweened drop shadow.

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