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Tip # 3: Tracking Organic Search in Campaign Reports

I am sure you tried using the campaign report, and you are able to track all the major campaigns and channels except for the organic search channel. The way SiteCatalyst tracks organic traffic is using the “paid search detection” logic. So in sum, it takes total traffic from search engines and subtracts the paid search traffic to determine organic traffic. To see the organic traffic in the campaigns report, you could assign a fake campaign id for any traffic that qualifies as organic traffic by assigning s.campaignID with a value that indicates the traffic was from organic search, and perhaps even suffixing the keyword. This will give you the capability of seeing all your campaigns and channel information in the same campaign report instead of seeing traffic bundled under None.

For the purists who believe earned traffic should not be included in campaigns, this will give you the added advantage of seeing the channel split without having to navigate to the traffic sources report.

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